geoperformancecontroller : why webpagetest

geoperformancecontroller : why webpagetest

Ok , if you don’t understaind what i’m talking about, i advise to you to read the introduction article

Geoperformancecontroller wrap webpagetest to obtain data. 

Webpagetest offer for free complete restful api, several locations around the world, and it is free.

After several tests using webpagetest web interface, i understand that i can do what i want with this tool.

Oh, you can use webpagetest for free from website, but if you want to call services with rest api, you need an athorization key. You can write to Patrick Meenan, pmeenan @ webpagetest  .org and call for one 🙂

So, you can find webpagetest restapi documentation here

Ok. take a look to the part 2 of this tutorial, meanwhile patrick answer to you 🙂 : how geoperformancecontroller makes test using webpagetest