can’t connect to camera fix

Hi folks,

Some Google smartphone seems to have problems with camera so, for a random reason, when you try to take a photo you obtain Can’t connect to camera, so we will provide you a can’t connect to camera fix


  1. Go to play store, find google camera and remove all the update.
  2. Go to Settings, App, right scroll to “all app”, find Google Camera and hit “deactivate”. Android warns about deactivation, but keep on and deactivate it.
  3. reboot your smartphone
  4. Go to play store, find another camera apps as, for example, Open Camera, install it and set as default.
  5. Problem fixed.
Can't connect to camera.
Can’t connect to camera.

Sure, Google should fix this problem for everyone, but if you want you can try this quick fix.

Please leave a comment if it works.