WordPress run slowly on tophost. Cache is your answer

WordPress run slowly? try to cache it.

Hi, this website is hosted by tophost , that sell a cheap entry-level solution with webspace, php and mysql. WordPress on this host can run very slowly when your “reserve” of database query exceed the limit imposed by QoS, and exceed this limit is easy. WordPress, like all other CMS, makes several connection to retrieve data from mysql and render the page.  

How to solve it?

Cache is the answer. When you read an article in this website , php calls mysql to obtain data, retrieve data, and build html code with this data. But anyone store this data. So, if 100 users read an article, php call mysql 100 times, retrieve data 100 times, and build html code 100 times. Why don’t store the article code in an html page? and this what cache do. I can advice WP SUPER CACHE plugin. Install from the plugin menu, and activate it. Super Cache is a complete plugin to store html version of your article. WP super cache can also generate cache for all your articles, search for old version, remove garbage, and try to send to client “Zipped” version of the html code. AMAZING!  now, when your 100 users will read the article, web server send a zipped version of the html file, so php and mysql can make a sleep, saving a huge amount of resources!.   Remember to share this article  if useful 😉  

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