Why adobe flash should not die now

Why adobe flash should not die now

in the last years developers of all the world starts a crusade agains flash player, but i think that adobe flash player should not die now. You CAN’T do all the things you can do with flash player only using html5.

flash player is not only animations and graphics.

there are three HUGE reasons to keep flash player alive.

Flash player should not die now
Flash player should not die now

First reason : Flash Player is standard way to do cross-platform cross-browser applications

Oh yeah. HTML5 gives great improvements compared with HTML4, but i challenge you to develop an html5 a bit complex than “hello world” that works good on every browser : starts from ie7 and reach Mac Safari crossing Ie8, Ie9, Ie10, Ie11, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.
Try to explain to your customer that you “cannot view video on ie8 because ie8 is not compliant versus video and audio tag”
Try to persuade your customer with thousands of Windows Xp machines to upgrade Internet Explorer to a newer versions because your mighty html5 application NEEDS a modern browser… but all those Windows Xp machines are used by users without administrator rights and they cannot upgrade anything by ourself …
are you searching for “Google Chrome Frame” ? this is not a lucky day for you … Google deactivated Google Chrome Frame last week … forever.
Flash Player works nearly equals on every browser, so Flash Player 13 will works as the same way on Ie7 or in Chrome. This is not a holy rule, but … nearly.
So .. take your html5 application and Good luck 😉

Second reasons : There is no way to do Html5 Live Streaming on desktop machine

HTML5 can do a lot of things, also reproduce video with canvas and other beauty graphical effect, but desktop browser cannot reproduce live streaming without flash player!
Only Safari on Mac can (i’m not sure) try to reproduce Apple HLS Streaming, but on Windows Machine Internet Explorer Firefox neither Chrome can reproduce any type of streaming.
Google is working on WebRTC and WEBM streaming, but you must see forward, and wait some years.

Thirt reason : Advertising on Html5 is immature

Reproduce advertising on flash player is hard … but reproduce on HTML5 video player is almost impossible!
there is not standard way to do this, so if your customer wants to monetyze inventory with ads … i advise you to forget html5 before to get out of mind.

So … flash player should die now?