how to earn money with your smartphone

how to earn money with your smartphone?

guadagnare con lo smartphone


There is at least one answer to this question.

A working answer.

There are a lot of apps that promise to reach this result, but the main part of those apps permits only to approach the payment, then somethings goes wrong and you never receive your money.

We wait three months before asks for this application, because we want to know if it works or not.

And it works.

Slidejoy permits to earn points installing application or answering to some questions, but we suggest to avoid this way, because those needs a lot of time.

Instead, install the advertising lock screen and starts gaining points without any fatigue. After some times you will learn to unlock the smartphone swiping to the left side of the screen without any problem, and at every swipe you will gain something.

Using your smartphone as you normally do, you will gain 2-3 dollars at months, but you can gain more if you invite friends to register by your link. I’m honest to say this, because a lot of user will try to hide this feature. If you like this article please, install the app by my link. Thanks.