Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

Samsung Galaxy Gear

is a new type of “smart watch”, a watch with “smart-phone” capabilities. This device is made by metal and rubber (colored rubber, if you want) and looks like very solid. The price is very high, about 300 dollars, but you can spend a bit less if you buy with a Samsung Note 3. Gear has a 1.9 megapyxel camera and a 1.6 inch super amoled with 320×320 resolution. The problem there is that you can’t change the strap on the Gear as it has the camera stuck inside – so best make sure it’s a decent fit before purchase.   Galaxy Gear review There’s only one button on the outside, which is the power / function key. A tap of this will turn the device on, but a long press or double tap will also make the Gear perform other tasks, which you can choose yourself. These are a little limited, but we like that Samsung has tried to maximise the lack of tappable space on the screen in this way. We were a little surprised by the method of charging: the Galaxy Gear comes with a plastic case which you strap the watch into and plug a standard microUSB cable into the back of. This means that you have to remember to bring the charging case with you at all times, and can’t rely on anyone having a spare charger when caught short. Using the watch’s S Voice feature activated by double-clicking a button on the side of the display lets you make a call or dictate a text message to your mobile device hands free. The 1.9-megapixel camera on the wristband can take photos or short videos that can be stored temporarily with about 4 GB of storage on the watch or sent directly to your mobile device. on this video, you can looks for a review of the device. Waiting for Nexus Gem (Google Nexus Smartwatch) , this device looks fine, but too much expensive and with low functionality but … . It’s only the begin 🙂 Samsung Galaxy Gear Review by techtoday

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