Mobile Os MarketShare Q4 2013 – World is Android

gennaio 29, 2014 - Informatica, Senza categoria

At the end of 2013, world is green. Android Green. iOs marketshare reduced in USA too, land of iPhone.

iOs still leader of the “one device os”, because 43% of devices on USA are iPhone or Ipad, but Android still growing up, covering all the world.

On the past, Android was installed on every low price device, but now, from Android 4.0, this operative system works very well, and the choose from ios or Android is only a marketing choose.

Yes, because wear Apple is a status symbol too, istead wear Google was only a tech choose.

When this trend changed? when Samsung starts to build high-end devices as Samsung Galaxy S2, a 600€ devices that conquer “i don’t know what i’m buying, but this have an high price so if i buy it i’m cool”.

take a look to this data table.

le stime di marketshare mobile secondo kantar

i like iOs because is a good operative system, but i’m sad to understand that lot of people buy it because is iPhone, and not because they known what an iPhone is.


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