Joomla Search Engine Optimization and Google Indexing

hi Surfer, today i have solved another little problem, and i’m here to share the solution with you. I’m going to optimize a friend’s website visibility on Google with some simple operations. I take no care about other search engine (exists other search engine?), because we know that, today, the best search engine is

Theory lesson.

This is what i know, maybe is not all true at 100%, but 90% still good. When a search engine visits your website (why a search engine visits my website? i’ll explain you soon), it start looking for “robots.txt”. robots.txt is a little file that give some orders to the “crawler / spider / robots (or other name used to indicate search engine) that is visiting your website. Take a look of

# XML Sitemap & Google News Feeds version 4.3.2 - Sitemap:  User-agent: * Disallow: /wp-admin/ Disallow: /wp-includes/ Disallow: */xmlrpc.php Disallow: */wp-*.php Disallow: */trackback/ Disallow: *?wptheme= Disallow: *?comments= Disallow: *?replytocom Disallow: */comment-page- Disallow: *?s= Disallow: */wp-content/ Allow: */wp-content/uploads/

As you can see, this file contains different informations, but what i need to know, is that : – Sitemap give to crawler the path of a file containing all the website structure and file position, helping it to find our articles – Disallow give order to the crawler to DO NOT INDEX those folders or file – Allow permits robots to index our file or folders.

And so?

So, first at all, your website  needs a robots.txt file with those type of indications. Don’t worry about it : you don’t need to create whell again! there are millions of tools that generate robots.txt . You also need sitemap.txt , and again, it’s simply. Finally, you should make search engine’s life easier, sending your sitemap.xml locations.

Lets go to Joomla

First at all, i used JCRAWLER extension. JCRAWLER looks inside your website and generate for you sitemap.xml. JCRAWLER also put sitemap.xml path inside your robots.txt file so, when google will try to index your website, it will starts from robots.txt witch say “hei Google, sitemap here!” 🙂 Seconds, activate “webmaster tool” by google. You can find gooling it (loooll!!), and give to webmaster tool the path to your sitemap.xml This will make indexing faster 😉 any questions? bye! Andrea

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