Joomla or WordPress ? take this easy comparision

Hi techmen, when i starts to build this website i go full throttle to to download the last version of Joomla CMS that i already used to make some website, but after a visits on w3techs my mind changed idea.

CMS marketshare on september 2013
  WordPress and Joomla keep increasing the share, but WordPress is five times more used than Joomla, and i want to understand why. so is make with WordPress.

Installation … Joomla win!

Joomla installation is easy. You only need to put the downloaded file inside your ftp host and open browsers to your main page. Give site name, mysql db parameters and ok, you are online. WordPress is different. WordPress is a single shot installation, but all parameters must to be inside an external file that must to be edited with a text editor. For some users, a text editor is to hard to use. So i think Joomla win this match.

Administrator area … WordPress win!

When you enter in the joomla administrator area, you are in front of a page with a lot of buttons, a lot of menu, and sub menu. I feel myself confused. In wordpress you have only a menu, in the left side, and a central page that drive you for the first steps. I prefer wordpress area, i think is easier.

Customization …. Joomla win!

Joomla permits you to make thousand of things, with a block positioning system template, with a lot of modules and plugins to make your cms the site you want. Sure, lot of things, lot of customization, lot of difficult. WordPress is a ready-to-publish cms , and it is done to publish. A lot of people wants only publish, mee to. I don’t need e-commerce, forum and so on (that maybe also wordpress can do), so i prefer WordPress because is simply, but Joomla can be customizated a lot.

Power = Results / work … WordPress win!

😀 … this is a coefficient. WordPress has high power, because you learn to use it very fast and you obtain fantastic results in tiny time.


I think wordpress is best to low-page high-articles websites with no particolar needs. Fast start, Fast installation, Fast all. Joomla is a bigger suite of tools to make a lot of things. If you want a 360° functional website, choose Joomla. If you just want to publish, choose WordPress.  

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