How to preserve smartphone battery health

Hi all, If you have a smartphone, you have a problem with your battery. I’m not thinking about the capability to reach the night with your smartphone awake.


I’m talking about the health of your battery. Yes, battery has an health status.


Every time you charge your battery, the capability to store energy decrease. In other words, if NOW your smartphone reach the night , maybe on 2016 it will not be able to store sufficient energy again.


There is a lot of confusion around battery knowledge.


Charge stages of lithium-ion


A lot of people think that the right way to use a battery is fully charge and so use smartphone until battery charge expire. 




Your smartphone battery is a lithium ion battery.


Those type of battery don’t have memory effects , so you don’t need to fully charge and discharge.


How to charge your battery in the right way


The right way to use a smartphone is to load it when battery level is going under 20% and disconnect charger when it reach 80%. Lithium battery works fine at this way.


Your lithium ion battery likes winter.



Another battery health enemy is hot. Hot battery will drop energy accumulation capacity very soon. So, do not store your smartphone in a car under the sun on the summer.


Your lithium ion battery likes partial charge ( often )


Keep going on with small charge and discharge … often . Once every 30 charges, you should allow lithium-ion batteries to almost completely discharge.




Remember that a good battery can reach 1000 complete load cycle before reach 80% of capacity. But only if used well. Bye


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