How to make a media server using an Android Smartphone

Hi surfers, today i’ll speak about streaming contents from your smartphone to your supported media player.

Some Theory

There are several ways to streams contents to a client. A client can be a Smart Tv, a Pc, another smartphone, a Mac ,etc. the capability of watch a streamed video is not a news today. DLNA protocol is one of the possible solution. DLNA started more than 10 years ago, an now DLNA is a standard to transmits video, images, audio. If you have a modern smartphone, probably you can see a dlnastream.

How to stream

Cover art Not every known that your smartphone can be a powerful media server. Modern smartphone has quad-core processor, 2 GB of rams and several gigabyte of internal storage. a “wake in the night” medium-high end Android smartphone with  a torrent client and Media Server installed can be the perfect device to streams your preferite movies to your dlna client. My Dlna client is a Samsung E5500 Smart Tv. I tryed different media server, but i prefer “mediaServer” because is fast, easy, free, and stable. Media Server - screenshot   Install the app, select your folders, and sit down on your sofa : your movie stars NOW!  

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