How to make a media server using an Android Smartphone

settembre 23, 2013 - Informatica, Senza categoria

Hi surfers, today i’ll speak about streaming contents from your smartphone to your supported media player.

Some Theory

There are several ways to streams contents to a client. A client can be a Smart Tv, a Pc, another smartphone, a Mac ,etc. the capability of watch a streamed video is not a news today. DLNA protocol is one of the possible solution. DLNA started more than 10 years ago, an now DLNA is a standard to transmits video, images, audio. If you have a modern smartphone, probably you can see a dlnastream.

How to stream

Cover art Not every known that your smartphone can be a powerful media server. Modern smartphone has quad-core processor, 2 GB of rams and several gigabyte of internal storage. a “wake in the night” medium-high end Android smartphone with  a torrent client and Media Server installed can be the perfect device to streams your preferite movies to your dlna client. My Dlna client is a Samsung E5500 Smart Tv. I tryed different media server, but i prefer “mediaServer” because is fast, easy, free, and stable. Media Server - screenshot   Install the app, select your folders, and sit down on your sofa : your movie stars NOW!  

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