Google Chrome Frame Deactivated

marzo 31, 2014 - Informatica

Google Chrome Frame Deactivated


Google Chrome Frame stopped working


Google Chrome Frame is the best friend of web developer who has to work with customer that needs to keep old verisons of browsers.


To better says, Google Chrome Frame WAS the best friend of web developer, because Google quit developing and mantaining of this pluging and starts to shut down… NOW!


i don’t write to you what GCF does or not, because now this history is end.


How to identify this?


Take a look of the code you needed to activate it . CFInstall.check does not work. Why?





<!–[if IE]>

<script type=”text/javascript”




.chromeFrameInstallDefaultStyle {

width: 100%; /* default is 800px */

border: 5px solid blue;




<div id=”prompt”>

Chrome Frame Div Here


<!– if IE without GCF, prompt goes here –>


// The conditional ensures that this code will only execute in IE,

// Therefore we can use the IE-specific attachEvent without worry

window.attachEvent(“onload”, function() {



mode: “inline”, // the default

node: “prompt”,

onmissing: function(){alert(“Missing GCF”);}








thats because CFInstall.check was deactivated and source code was replaced by Google with this warning.


Google Chrome Frame Deactivated

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