Dune 2 on Android : the myth rises again

Hi websurfers! today i have a funny news : Do you remember Dune 2 , the wonderfull Real Time Strategy game by Westwood studios made in 1992? no? maybe you are too young , but, Dune 2 was one of the first RTS with incredible features, musics, history and innovations.

What is Dune?

Dune was based on Frank Herbert’s romance, Dune.

in this RTS you have to choose one of the three houses that emperor have selected to conquer Dune, the only planet in the universe with a particular spice : the Melange. this Spice gives to humans psyonic power …. and intense blue eyes.

The game

Avaiable on Google Play store, make by a russian boy, Dune 2 for Android is a SUPREME PORTING OF THE ORIGINAL GAME!!! No bugs, no difference, all works fine and … surprise … the game is playable with the touchpad! Left hand to select and target units, right hand to choose options on the right side menu.

Dune 2 - screenshot

A great news for all the dune 2 fans.

UPDATE – 11 02 2014

i finished this game with Atredeis and hordes of fremen 😀