iPega PG-9025 Bluetooth Android PC IOS Gamepad

Ipega 90-25

iPega PG-9025 Bluetooth Android PC IOS Gamepad

Smartphone can be considered as little computers, with multi core processor , 4 or more GB of ram and a fast gpu but … power is nothing without the right controller. If you want to play games on smartphone, you don’t need Full hd display or a big touchscreen … you need a controller. And i want to try one too. Lucky, there are a lot of controller avaiable on amazon store that permits you to play your favorite games as Asphalt 8 or Modern Combat. We tried IPEGA PG 90-25 .

This bluetooth controller can be used in three modes

  • emulating a keyboard
  • as a joypad
  • as a iOs joypad

using those modes, you can play both games thinked to be used with a controller and old games created to be played with a keyboard, as, for example, the nes emulator.

This controller has a integrated battery that can be charged with a common usb cable (provided in the package) and energy permits to play more than 20 hours. There are also multimedia controller, useful if you put your smartphone in the controller. Using bluetooth 3.0 , this controller can be used also with computer, android tv box and raspberry pi 3.

We used the controller for a lot of hours playing a lot of games before writing this article and we are very happy. Maybe in the next version of the joypad a better weigth calirabration will be required, but this is not a big problem. We suggest to buy this joypad in amazon because in china it cost the same but you will wait a lot of weeks :).