Asus K550JK-XO003H Review

Asus K550JK-XO003H Review

Today we make a review of Asus K550JK-XO003H, a new Asus mid to high end notebook.

This notebook has a 15.6 HD led display, a good video card and a high level Intel I7 cpu. So, take a look some details.

Chassis and Keyboard


The chassis is made with plastic material, with a good iron metallized effect and black keys. Keyboard permits to write fast and without stress thanks to the low-run buttons. This keyboard has a full numerical pad in the right, and some other functional buttons to take screenshot, handle multimedia content, and so on.

The touchpad is big but buttons doesn’t looks so much robusts … this is not a big problem because you can simply tap the touchpad to emulate click, even if you are not using mouse.

This notebook is 2.5 cm tall and the weight is about 2.4 kg. Pretty good.

Asus K550JK-XO003H is very very very silent … you can think the machine is powered-off!


This new asus notebook is powered by a Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ and GeForce GTX 850 thats offer good result with several game. This is not a gamer notebook, but if you are a casual gamer you can play Skirim with high res detail without any fear.

Internal storage is a low end mechanical disk, with 500gb of capacity, and 4 Gb of Ram is good for normal use. I think i will upgrade those component with an SSD and 8 GB of Ram next years.

You also have an standard dvd drive and a Vga webcam, thants permits normal quality level videoconference. Audio is good.

You have one standard usb port and 2 high speed 3.0 usb ports, that also permits to change your smartphone faster.

Finally, this notebook has a bluetooth connection and Asus Istan On technology with permits boot in a few seconds.

Energy supply and Battery

This notebook has a high energy power supply that can generate 120watt of energy. Battery permits to use this device 4h without problem surfing internet.


This notebook come with Windows 8.1 and some other software, as Mc Cafee antivirus (istant removed) and Asus web cloud storage.

I like the choise of Asus to don’t pull too much demostrative software.

Where to buy it

Amazon, of course 🙂

Asus K550JK-XO003H Notebook, Display LED da15.6 Pollici, Processore Intel Core i7-4710HQ, RAM 4 GB, Hard Disk 500 GB, Nero/Antracite

Any suggestions?



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