Android wifi remote controls : AirDroid

Hi surfers! time to a good app for your android smartphone : airDroid.   AirDroid is a free and fast app that helps you manage your Android from a desk web browser, all over the air.   Key features: ※ Desktop SMS Send & receive SMS from the comfort of your computer. Faster typing and navigation with the full keyboard and large screen. ※ Files and Media Move photos, videos, ringtones and any other files on and off Android, all without a USB cable. ※ Find Phone Locate and lock your Android when it’s lost. Cannot get it back? Simply wipe all data remotely. ※ Manage Apps Easier way of app search, installation and apk export. ※ Camera and Screenshot See through the lens of your Android camera, front and back. Or stream the screen of your Android in nearly real-time. ※ Phone Calls, Clipboard , Url transfer and more Call contact, share clipboard content, push url to Android and more features awaiting your discovery. AirDroid - screenshot thumbnail    

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