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Android 5 potrebbe non uscire mai : al suo posto, ChromeOs
Quando uscirà Android 5 ? Forse MAIPerchè al suo posto potrebbe arrivare ChromeOSAndroid 5 potrebbe non arrivare mai, perchè Google potrebbe decidere di [...]
Mobile Os MarketShare Q4 2013 – World is Android
At the end of 2013, world is green. Android Green. iOs marketshare reduced in USA too, land of iPhone.iOs still leader of the “one device os”, [...]
Ecco perchè i programmatori di computer sono bravi con le faccende domestiche
I programmatori di computer sono bravi nei lavori domestici?SI!E ci sono le prove 😀Cominciamo con i pavimenti … come si lava un pavimento? prima lo [...]
Microsoft works better without a leader
Can a company works better without a leader?YESXbox, Surface and Bing(??) sells well, and Wall Strett results are better than the result espected.Windows [...]
ip address cannot identify a pirate
ip address cannot identify a pirateYou are connected to a torrent network, i know you ip so … you are a pirate!FALSE!Robert Lasnik, an american [...]
Joomla SSL Settings : How to restore your website if you are locked out
Hi, Looking inside Joomla Administration, you set “Force SSL to Entire Website”, because SSL is better.   TA DAN!   Locked out! [...]
How to preserve smartphone battery health
Hi all, If you have a smartphone, you have a problem with your battery. I’m not thinking about the capability to reach the night with your smartphone [...]