Archivi del mese: settembre 2013

Carmageddon : the myth rises again on Android and on iOs
Hi surfers, do you remember Carmageddon ? in this awesome game you drive a car and you must to kill and destroy people and other cars to win the race! [...]
Android wifi remote controls : AirDroid
Hi surfers! time to a good app for your android smartphone : airDroid.   AirDroid is a free and fast app that helps you manage your Android from a desk web [...]
Several (Steam) Pc (and Mac) Games (almost) for free with the humblebundle project
Hi surfers, weekend is coming, it’s time to play! 😀 Do you know that you can buy several games with 2-3 dollars on the humblebundle project ? [...]
Restore Windows 7 Classic interface on Windows 8
Hi surfers, bored about Windows 8 metro interface? no fear : waiting for Windows 8.1 , you can restore the “old” lightning-fast Windows 7 start [...]
Fully automatized Multi Software installer on windows :
Hi surfers, tired to download and install every time the same applications, one by one, site by site ? ok, you are right. But have you never tried [...]
How to make a media server using an Android Smartphone
Hi surfers, today i’ll speak about streaming contents from your smartphone to your supported media player.Some TheoryThere are several ways to [...]
R.I.P. Hiroshi Yamauchi , father of Nintendo
Yamauchi leads Nintendo , the family company, since he was 22 years old,  He understand that the future of game will be based on electronic devices and not [...]
Dune 2 on Android : the myth rises again
Hi websurfers! today i have a funny news : Do you remember Dune 2 , the wonderfull Real Time Strategy game by Westwood studios made in 1992? no? maybe you [...]
Joomla Search Engine Optimization and Google Indexing
hi Surfer, today i have solved another little problem, and i’m here to share the solution with you. I’m going to optimize a friend’s [...]
What to do when Google Chrome Frame will be retired on Febrary 2014?
Google Chrome Frame is a plugin for Internet Explorer make by Google to support Google Wave (read Google Plus) on Internet Explorer since the september of [...]